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Conquest of the Empire

Do you have what it takes to become the next Emperor of Rome?

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Do you have what it takes to become the next Emperor of Rome?

It is the 2nd century AD and the 200 year Pax Romana of Augustus Caesar has come to an end. With the death of the Philosopher-Scholar Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Empire is without a competent leader. Disorder reigns and civil war looms. Mars will be pleased. It is a time for war. It is a time for Conquest of the Empire!


  • Over 300 historically accurate, professionally sculpted miniatures
  • 2 games in 1!
  • 1x Game box
  • 1x Map board (in three sections)
  • 2x Instruction booklets: 1x Conquest of the Empire Classic rules booklet, 1x Conquest of the Empire II rules booklet
  • 2x Token Sheets
  • 12x Combat dice (rules booklet lists 8x)
  • 6x Army Sets in six colors (Red, Yellow, Black, Purple, Green, Blue)
  • 25x Silver coins
  • 50x Gold coins
  • 16x Cities (Ivory color)
  • 16x Fortifications (Ivory color)
  • 20x Roads (Ivory color)
  • 1x Deck of Conquest of the Empire II cards (84 cards total)



Idioma: Inglés
Nº de Jugadores: 2-6
Edad Recomendada: 120+
Duración: 180-240 min
Tipo de Juego de Mesa: Juego de Estrategia, Wargame, Temática Antigua Roma

Editorial: Eagle - Gryphon Games
Autor:  Glenn Drover, Larry Harris, Jr., Martin Wallace

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