Palazzo Ampliar


Who will build the most magnificent palace? In the game of Palazzo, set in the age of the late renaissance, the players slip on the roles of wealthy landowners, who compete against each other to build the most valuable palaces.

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Disponibilidad: Envío 2-4 días laborables

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As their constructions grow, the players must choose from the available palace modules from the quarries, so they can add to their palaces. Of course, none of this building can be done without money, so sometimes players must take time out to earn some money so they can afford to continue their building projects.


Idioma: Inglés
Nº de Jugadores: 2-5
Edad Recomendada: 12+
Duración: 60 min
Tipo de Juego de Mesa: Juego de estrategia,  Temática Renacimiento


Editorial: Rio Grande Games
Autor:   Reiner Knizia