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Trifecta, from Zoran Dobrijevic, is a fast, competitive game made specifically for two players. Work your way to victory or spend your turns foiling your opponent just as they think they have a winning row.

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Disponibilidad: Envío 5 - 10 días

14,50 €

Players take turns back and forth adding one card at a time to each of six rows. If a row has five cards in it and the total value of the cards is between or equal to 21 and 26, the owner of that row gains a point and the row is emptied. If the total value is a different number, the row is emptied and the owner gains no points.

Be the first to complete three successful rows of cards and victory is yours!

•   One full-color rules sheet
•   45 cards

Idioma: Inglés
Nº de Jugadores: 2
Edad Recomendada: 8+
Duración: 20 min
Tipo de Juego de Mesa: Juego Abstracto, Juego de Memoria

Editorial: Victory Point Games
Autor:   Zoran Dobrijevic