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Pax Renaissance - Banking in Europe 1460-1530

Pax Renaissance is a cardgame (English language) for 2 to 4 players who play as bankers in Europe, 1460-1530. As a Renaissance banker, you will finance kings or republics, sponsor voyages of discovery, join secret cabals, or unleash jihads and inquisitions

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. Your choices determine if Europe is elevated into the bright modern era or remains festering in dark feudalism. Four victories determine the future course of Western Society: will it be towards imperialism, trade globalization, religious totalitarianism, or enlightened art and science? Ranked in the top 2000 games by BoardGameGeek.

What is a "paxgame"? Everyone knows what a wargame is: players assume Napoleon-like roles representing nations and maneuvering pawns across a mapfield. In a "paxgame", the players ARE the pawns.

Game Material:

  • 120 Cards
  • 40 tokens (florins & busted trade routes)
  • 15 chesspiece bishops representing inquisitors
  • 24 chesspiece horsemen representing knights
  • 24 chesspiece rooks representing nobles and pirates
  • 40 cubes representing concessions and pawns
  • Rules and historical background, 28 pages
  • Box (190 X 127 X 42mm)
  • an optional set of expansion cards can be ordered separately.


Idioma: Inglés
Nº de Jugadores: 2-4
Edad Recomendada: 12+
Duración: 60-120 min
Tipo de Juego de Mesa: Juego de Estrategia, Eurogame, Juego del Renacimiento

Editorial: Sierra Madre Games
Autor:   Phil Eklund, Matt Eklund

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