1830: Railways & Robber Barons Ampliar

1830: Railways & Robber Barons

¡Oh el ferrocarril. Que gran avance...! Un gran avance y una gran oportunidad para hacer dinero. Compra  y vende acciones para hacer más dinero. Crea mejores rutas ferroviarias. Provoca la bancarrota en el resto de rivales y hazte claramente con el control de las compañias.

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Es el más famoso de los 18XX. Toma las mecánicas básicas de Treshman´s 1829 añadiendo nuevos elementos.
Si te gustan los juegos de trenes esta es una muy buena opción


It is the dawn of the "Age of Railroading" in America. You're a wealthy investor and speculator betting that the new technology will revolutionize transport. Commerce will no longer depend on rutted roads and slow canals. Instead, it will ride the rails on swift, powerful "Iron Horses." 1830™ is an acclaimed railroad investment and building game covering the years 1830 to present. You and your fellow players become the stockholders of America's first railroad corporations. Since the largest shareholder becomes president, you compete for control of the strongest firms.

As president, generate revenue by building track and buying and operating trains-regardless of shareholders' needs. Meanwhile, you pay heed to the volatile stock market. You strive to invest in flourishing companies in order to earn healthy dividends. You try to buy stock in corporations that are rising in value, collect strong, and sell before the stock values drop.

1830™ contains rules and components for Francis Tresham's original classic design, a faster-playing basic game, and a host of exciting new variants from some of the world's best railroad game developers. The 2-sided map lets you develop the Eastern U.S. using different art. So, get ready to be a railroad baron. Start investing and building. Become America's first great rail tycoon!


Idioma: Inglés
Nº de Jugadores: 2-7
Edad Recomendada:  +14
Duración:  300 min.
Tipo de Juego: Juego de Estrategia, Económico, Juego de Trenes, Transportes
Dependencia del Idioma: Instrucciones. Fácilmente encontrables en internet. (Consultar en caso de duda)

Editorial: Mayfair Games
Autor: Francis Tresham

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